HubbUK is a Digital Radio Station dedicated to delivering Shropshire a fresh radio experience playing all the tunes from 60’s through to today. With a selection of brilliant shows we can safely say HubbUK is unique and FRESH. Here’s a little story as to how HubbUK began.

It all began with a meeting between 4 like minded radio enthusiast wanting to make a difference to Shropshire through the form of radio. A few cups of coffee later and buzzing off caffeine these 4 pioneers went on a quest to begin the HubbUK brand. With wives abandoned and social life sacrificed it was clear that the quest was long but these 4 brave men were not to stop. The basic shows began falling into place, the social media pages were opened and the diva’s (sorry presenters) took their places on the first day and following a long, brutal and brave quest HubbUK was on the airwaves of Shropshire entertaining the public.